Pocket Bellows

The Ultimate Little Pocket Bellows

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This little pocket bellows from Epiphany Outdoor Gear is the epitome of simplicity and ingenuity! I was blown away – excuse the pun – when I first saw this product!

The pocket bellows is such a simple tool, and yet can be an indispensable part of your outdoor and camping kit. It does not make sense NOT to have one, as it is small, compact and lightweight enough to go unnoticed in your back pack.

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What I Like About The Pocket Bellows

The features of this great little product that make it stand out as a well made useful survival tool are as follows:

  • You get good distance from the fire with this device, keeping your face clear of the flames and heat. A brush fire in your beard or losing your eyebrows is something to be avoided while starting the campfire!
  • You don’t get choked by breathing in smoke and ash when getting the fire going.
  • It pinpoint the oxygen you blow to the point of the coals or embers where it is needed.
  • The pocket bellows works fast, getting roaring fires going in minutes.
  • It is especially useful in getting fires going with wet firewood.
  • Robust, durable construction, with stainless steel tubes and rust resistant brass shims to hold them together, this product will last a long time.
  • The pocket bellows is compact and light. When extended it is 19 inches (48cm) long and collapsed about 3.75 inches (9.5cm).
  • Due to the strong construction, you can push it deep into the fire without the risk of damaging it.

The manufacturers of this brilliant pocket bellows went to great lengths to find the perfect length. The 19 inch length makes it long enough to be usable from a safe distance yet small enough when collapsed for carrying. The diameter of the tube has also been researched to make it capable of delivering an effective supply of oxygen to the fire. You wont hyperventilate or become light headed when using this device.

Stamp Of Approval

Don’t be fooled by the size or simplicity of this survival tool. It is a well made piece of equipment that gets the MyGreenTerra stamp of approval! I recommend this product as a useful survival, camping or outdoor tool. Get a pocket bellows for yourself and get the extra oxygen into the fire exactly where you need it in your next outdoor fire!

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