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Solar Battery

Choosing The Best Solar Battery For Your Off Grid Power System

Choosing the best solar battery is a critical decision to ensure your off-grid power solution will be efficient and reliable. There are a few key factors to bear in mind when selecting a solar battery.....
Solar Panels

Choosing Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are a primary component of solar power systems and should be your first point of investigation. There are a few different varieties available on the market. They each have advantages and disadvantages...
Solar Power System

4 Basic Components Of A Solar Power System

Choosing to go off-grid and install a solar power system and live green is a great idea! Once you start investigating the choices and designing a solar system for you home, it quickly becomes a sticky quagmire of uncertainty! Read on to understand your choices for these systems.
Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Lighting in the off-grid lifestyle can be a challenge, particularly security lighting. The Sunforce Solar Motion Light is an ideal solution to the problem! You will find that often,...
Gravity Power

GravityLight – The Light That Uses Gravity Power

Not many people think of gravity power when the topic of alternative energy comes up! Gravity is an energy that is free, and all around us, so why not use it as...
Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking – The All American Sun Oven

It is the ambition of every homesteader and off-grider to use the the free energy from the sun. Using solar cooking is one of the easiest ways to tap into this renewable...
micro hydro power

Micro Hydro Power – Generating Electricity From Water

The concept of micro hydro power is pretty much the same as the large scale version. Basically you need a constant flow of water over a drop in height, which drives a...
Wind Power

Wind Power For Off Grid Energy

Wind power, solar power, and the little known micro hydro- electricity are generally considered to be the most efficient and productive means of generating power for the homestead or off grid living...
Solar Energy

The Importance of Solar Energy

What's all the hype around solar energy? Wondering why solar energy is so important? Alternative energy is getting high exposure in the media and with good reason.
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