Beekeeping, for me, has been a natural progression in my homesteading journey and becoming self sustainable. Bees provide an invaluable service in pollinating certain crops, but for me have become an income source as well.

The demand for raw honey is on the increase as more and more people become educated to the fact that the honey on the shelves in most stores is at best irradiated and pasturised, removing all the goodness, or at worst, not even honey at all, but formulated in a factory!

Unfortunately, import laws forbid the import of unpasturised or non-irradiated honey which is an attempt to reduce the spread of disease in honey bee colonies. My honey is therefore only for sale locally where I live – in South Africa!

Removals of problem bee swarms is a way of conserving this important natural resource. I offer a bee removal service in and around the north west suburbs of Johannesburg. When I collect a problem swarm, they are re-homed in a hive and relocated to a bee-friendly environment where they will have plenty of food available.

If you have a problem swarm that you would like to have removed, please fill in the contact form below and I will be in touch to make arrangements for their removal.

If you would prefer to call me directly regarding bee removals, you are welcome to give me a call on +27 82 561 1832 during normal working hours.

I charge a fee for bee removals, as it is often a time consuming task that requires innovation and hard labour. Bees often choose difficult to get to locations as their homes!

The fee will be negotiated once I get on site and have the opportunity to inspect the work involved.


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