Portable Solar Panel

SolarFlare Portable Solar Panel

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This portable solar panel is simply awesome! Solar panels a generally big and bulky and often fragile. This product is totally the opposite, which makes it ideal for camping, hiking, off grid and survival activities.

This portable solar panel can be used off-grid to charge cellphones, radios, rechargeable torches, headlamps or gps.

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What I Like About The SolarFlare Portable Solar Panel

The product I would recommend is the SolarFlare 16 as it generates more power than most other similar portable solar panels and is only slightly larger. The following features make this an excellent product.

  • The SolarFlare portable solar panel is durable and not fragile like other solar panels.
  • Voltage supplied by the unit is stable and clean, with only a little variance, even is semi-shade conditions. It does not deliver voltage spikes which makes it ideal for even sensitive electronic devices.
  • Simple to operate. You plug a USB cord into on of the USB ports and put the unit in the sun!
  • The unit has two USB ports which is useful for charging two devices simultaneously.
  • Grommets and mounting hooks on the corners of the portable solar panel make it easy to lash in place to get optimal sun exposure.
  • The SolarFlare 16 model is the model that I would go for, as it has a 15.9 Watt output. The other models work but take much longer to charge devices.

Even though these SolarFlare portable solar panels are a bit expensive, they are worth the cost. Their durability makes them a buy which will last you for years! They are definitely worth the cost and are one of the best portable solar devices on the market.
This product definitely gets the MyGreenTerra stamp of approval for a great product for people who lead an active outdoor life! It is a reliable power source to recharge your electronic devices.

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