5 Uses For Autumn Leaves On The Homestead

5 Uses for Autumn Leaves On The Homestead

For many, autumn leaves are just another seasonal chore! But this resource can be so much more. Try out these 5 uses for autumn leaves on the homestead, or even for your suburban garden! 5...
Fall on the Homestead

5 Things You Should Do In The Fall On The Homestead

The seasons change and our routines on the homestead change with it. As summer winds down and we enter fall, or autumn as we call it in my part of the world, we can...

Planning A Home Vegetable Garden

Planning a home vegetable garden requires a strategy, in order to be successful! Having a plan will also allow you to structure the garden to your location, the time you have to spend tending...
Growing A Home Vegetable Garden

Growing A Home Vegetable Garden

Growing a home vegetable garden is not only a rewarding hobby, but enables you to be more self-sufficient and eat healthier. Many people do not even consider growing a home vegetable garden because they...
Benefits of Owls

Benefits of Owls On The Homestead

Some disturbing events over the last week have prompted me to write this post on the benefits of owls on the homestead. The events that unfolded were, to my thinking, unbelievable that these mindsets...
Organic Pest Control

3 More Homemade Remedies For Organic Pest Control

Organic pest control is the way to go when trying to protect our veggies from pest attack. Natural pest remedies are healthier for the plant, us who consume the produce and long term for...
5 Tips To Grow Peas

5 Tips To Grow Peas In Your Garden

Choosing to grow peas in your vegetable garden is a good choice. Peas are packed with power for both you and your garden! Growing peas helps rejuvenate your soil by fixing nitrogen back into...
sustainable lifestyle

3 Easy Tips Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a sustainable lifestyle is choosing to make changes in your lifestyle to reduce the negative impact you have on the environment and ultimately on the planet! In a previous post of ours on What...
Three Sisters Planting

What Is Three Sisters Planting?

Three sisters planting is an ancient method of companion planting that was first used by Native Americans. This is a great example of companion planting and maximizes the use of space and...
Sustainable Living

What Is Sustainable Living?

Many people have a misconception about what sustainable living is. Sustainable living does not mean you have to give up a modern lifestyle and live out in the backwoods! What it does...
Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Lighting in the off-grid lifestyle can be a challenge, particularly security lighting. The Sunforce Solar Motion Light is an ideal solution to the problem! You will find that often,...
Water Wise

7 Tips For Water Wise Vegetable Gardening

As responsible veggie gardeners that care about the planet, we need to concern ourselves with conserving water. Implementing water wise practices will teach us to maximize yield with minimal resources. It will...
Survival Frog Tactical Bivvy