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Estwing Camping Hatchet Review

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A camping hatchet is a very useful tool to have available for outdoor activities. It’s versatility makes it something to consider adding to your camping tool kit or off-grid tool collection.

A camping hatchet is somewhat smaller than a full size axe. This is because the camping hatchet or axe is designed to be lightweight for easier carrying. It’s purpose is also geared more for camping or survival chores rather than regular tree felling or firewood preparation.

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There are a few features to look for in a camping hatchet that will ensure you purchase a tool that will last, but more importantly, not fail or break when you need it most.

This leads me on to why I chose the Estwing camping hatchet to be the editors choice for this type of tool.

Why I like the Estwing Camping Hatchet

Estwing is a world famous tool manufacturer. Their camping axe has become a firm favourite of outdoorsmen everywhere. Proven performance and reliability has resulted in this popularity. After all, this is what you need in an outdoor tool when you are far from civilisation!

The superior performance and reliability is achieved in the way it is manufactured. It is is forged as a single piece of steel. There is little chance of the axe head breaking off the handle. The cutting edge has been tempered giving great edge holding ability.

This camping axe is well balanced and feels good in the hand. The handle wrapping is made from genuine leather which has been sanded and lacquered to form a durable yet comfortable finish. The Estwing camping hatchet comes with a sheath with a belt loop, but personally, I find it a little heavy to carry on my belt.

The only downside to this product is that it is a little heavy at 14.9 ounces (422 grams). For lightweight hiking or a bugout bag, I would rather go with a good quality bushcraft knife and a pocket chainsaw. A quality bushcraft knife can be used to baton small pieces of wood for camp fires.

This product is made in the USA from American steel.

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  1. I have two and love them. One stays in my truck and the other in the house so that I’m never without one when it’s needed.

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