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EverSaw Folding Hand Saw Review

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A quality folding hand saw is an essential tool for many applications! It is a very useful addition to your garden gear, survival backpack, or toolbox or your hunting gear! It is even a useful item to include in your beekeepers tool box as I found out recently!

The EverSaw folding hand saw is the ideal product for these applications and more.

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Why I Like The EverSaw Folding Hand Saw

A hand saw that is suitable for DIY, gardening, survival and off-grid applications needs to have certain features to be suitable for all tasks in these sectors.

  • It needs to be rugged and durable
  • The saw must have a solid sturdy handle with a grip that prevents slipping
  • To prevent the blade closing on your hand during use, the hand saw should have a strong blade locking mechanism.
  • When the saw is closed, it should be snug in the handle with no protruding teeth to catch on anything
  • The saw must be versatile, able to cut a variety of materials, and keep a sharp cutting edge!

The EverSaw folding hand saw ticks all these boxes and more! The carbon steel blade is designed to reduce friction and the triple cut teeth have been hardened so that they are durable and retain their sharpness.

This saw is 17 inches (43cm) when fully extended, with an 8 inch (20cm) blade and is a compact 9.5 inches (24cm) when folded. This makes it small enough to be included in your survival backpack, or toolbox. You will be able to make smooth clean cuts with this hand saw due to its 9 teeth per inch blade.

The EverSaw Folding Hand Saw is  a real workhorse. It can cut wood, bone and plastic easily. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are confident enough in their product to offer a lifetime warranty on this tool.

Add this tough all purpose EverSaw folding saw to your garden shed, tool box, backpack, hunting or outdoor survival gear!

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