The Importance of Solar Energy

What’s all the hype around solar energy? Wondering why solar energy is so important? Alternative energy is getting high exposure in the media and with good reason. It is an important topic in the efforts to save our planet and reduce carbon emissions … and you can play your part!

What Is Solar Energy?

The key to understanding why solar power is important is understanding what it is:

  • The sun produces solar energy
  • It can be harnessed and used to create electricity
  • Thermal energy produced by the sun can be used to heat buildings
  • Best of all, solar energy is free
  • Solar power is clean energy – it does not compromise the environment.

The way the energy from the sun is harnessed and converted into electricity is by solar cells. Usually in the form of panels which house multiple cells. The panels are placed to face the sun to capture as much of the sun’s energy as possible.

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The Importance of Solar Energy

The very life on our planet is dependent on solar energy. Plants and animals rely on solar energy to produce important nutrients at the cellular level. Hence, if nature is using the energy source of the sun to sustain life, it makes sense to learn from nature. Why not try to find a way to make use of solar energy as an energy source that is both abundant, free, and clean. We can then harness it to replace traditional energy sources that are poisoning us and our planet.

What makes Solar Energy Clean Energy

The production of solar energy has no harmful by-products or emissions to pollute our environment. It also does not pose a threat to the environment like, for example, an oil spillage would. It also does not emit greenhouse gas like a coal burning power station does.

The Many Applications of Solar Energy

From producing energy to power a calculator to powering vehicles, to generating enough energy to power cities, the applications of solar energy are boundless. One of the important factors of the versatility of solar energy is its potential for portability. Remote areas can now have energy available for cooking, heating, lighting and communication – all relatively cheaply. Consequently, I don’t think it is a solution you can ignore if you want to become more self sufficient or reduce your carbon footprint.

What Does It Mean To You?

As a citizen of earth, it is the responsibility of us all to do our part in preserving our home for our children and their children. That’s all well and good, but what does solar energy do for you personally?

Solar power can:

  • Improve your health – by improving the environment
  • Save you money – solar power is significantly cheaper than other energy sources.
  • Keep you connected – when traditional power sources fail
  • Make you self sufficient – not reliant on the Government / other suppliers for your energy
  • Help you make a difference – its easy to play your part when you see immediate benefits

Want to Learn More?

Here are some resources to learn more, or if you are a DIY enthusiast, even some solar DIY projects.

What are others doing?

In conclusion, with the world facing a global energy crisis, solar energy remains the most suitable viable, short term solution. There are initiative around the world to move to solar energy technology. Here is an example from New York City street vendors. Solar technology is proven, reliable and available today, so get involved, go green and go solar!

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