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Review of Campfirepiston Hickory Fire Piston

Using a fire piston to make fire is getting back to ancient, reliable methods for fire starting. There are many other fire starting methods, such as a ferro rod, or flint and steel, and this is another method to add to your survival skill repertoire!

You need to carry multiple fire making methods when venturing into the wilderness and the fire piston makes a great addition to your survival gear!

A fire piston works by using compressed air to heat up char cloth to a glowing ember. The ember is then placed into you tinder to get the fire going.

The fire piston I am reviewing today is made by Campfirepiston and is available on Amazon.

What I Like About The Fire Piston

Here are some of the features that I like about this fire piston.

  • Easy to grip – The hickory wood covering makes it comfortable in the hand
  • Robust – the construction is robust, making this a durable product for the rigors of outdoor adventure
  • Tight seal – the rubber o-ring gives a tight seal to make the compression effective
  • Spare parts – spare o-rings are included in the package as well as 2 pieces of char cloth
  • Value for money – this fire starter is a quality product at an affordable price

These features make it a worthwhile buy, and add an extra level of preparedness for you wilderness experiences.

The Disadvantages

These are not so much “disadvantages”, but rather additional skills and tools you need to use this product effectively as a fire starting method.

  • Requires practice – as with most other fire starting methods, it requires some practice to become proficient at making fire with a fire piston. This is not a reflection on the product itself, and you should be practicing your survival skills any way!
  • Char cloth – The use of the fire piston requires that you have char cloth with you. This requires that you learn how to make char cloth and carry it with you. You can use a small piece of charcoal as an alternative, but the char cloth definitely is the better choice.

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