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5 Must Have Items For Beekeeping

These 5 must have items for beekeeping are the basic gear that you need to set up a hive and maintain your colony safely, while reaping the benefits of the bees pollinating your vegetable garden and having some raw honey every year. Let’s get down to the gear! Bee Suit The bee suit is a…

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The Wonders Of The Mullein Plant And How To Grow it

Learning how to grow Mullein is quite straightforward. As it is not a fussy plant from a soil perspective, Mullein grows so very well that some people might consider it a garden weed or pest, as it produces huge quantities of seeds that propagate easily.

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Mullein – Medicinal Herb

Mullein has been used for thousands of years for herbal medicine. Records from as far back as 2000 years report on its use for pulmonary conditions. The mullein plant (Verbascum) is a biennial plant, which means it flowers every two years. Due to its prolific seed generation, it has earned a reputation as an invasive…

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How To Make Kefir Yoghurt

Making kefir yoghurt requires a little more work than making cream cheese from your kefir. The process, however, is not difficult at all, and you will be very happy with the results! You will get great tasting kefir yoghurt that still has all the natural pro-biotic goodness, as opposed to store bought yoghurt where the good…

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How To Make Kefir Cream Cheese

Making kefir cream cheese is dead easy! I have laid out the process is a few easy, simple to follow steps to help you produce your own versatile, healthier, pro-biotic cream cheese. What You Will Need The equipment you need to make kefir cream cheese is usually readily available in most households, and even if…

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How To Make Plantain Salve

Plantain is a medicinal plant with many uses and making a plantain salve for external application is one of the best ways to prepare it for daily use. To find out more about Plantain and it’s uses, take a look at our post Plantain – Weed or Miracle Plant This preparation uses bees wax to…

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Survival Knot Series – Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of our Survival Knot series. The art of tying knots can be a daunting task, one of the reasons being the sheer amount of information out there and how to know which knots to learn. You will find it impossible to learn them all. The purpose of this series is to…

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Plantain – Weed or Miracle Plant?

Although Plantain is considered by many to be a perennial weed, it has many beneficial properties and should be kept on hand in every household. This beneficial plant is also known as Plantago or Common Ribwort. It has pretty much a global distribution and can be readily found in most parts of the world. There…

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Paracord – Essential Survival Gear

Paracord has become an essential item for outdoor, camping or survival use. Any survivalist worth their salt would have a length of paracord in their backpack or bug out bag! The reason for this is that the uses for paracord in the outdoors are many and varied. But before we take a look at it’s…

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3 Essentials For Making A Survival Fire

Making a survival fire is one of the most essential skills to master in the outdoors. Learn the 3 essentials for a survival fire here!

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How To Build A Worm Farm In 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy steps to build a worm farm as a DIY project. Recycle your organic kitchen waste and get fertiliser and growth boosting products for your garden!

Survival Skills

How To Make A Survival Bow

The key to making a successful survival bow and arrows is to find the right materials in the wilderness and having the skills and know-how to shape them.