Kitchen top compost bin

OXO Kitchen Top Compost Bin Review

Using a kitchen top compost bin is an easy small step to get into green living and doing your bit for the planet! Composting your kitchen organic waste rather than sending it to a landfill is the environmentally responsible thing to do. Your garden will also thrive as a result! With this little unit you can now do it in style!

Some reasons why you should be composting are:

  • Composting helps soils hold carbon dioxide.
  • Compost replenishes and revitalizes exhausted your soils by replacing trace minerals and nutrients.
  • Compost reduces soil erosion and helps prevent storm water runoff.

I use my compost bin to keep my organic kitchen for a couple of days before feeding it to the worms in my worm farm!  Not worm farming yet? Read our post How To Build Your Own Worm Farm In 5 Easy Steps to see how easy it is! The worms help to break down the organic matter quicker and the compost they produce is super rich for your garden!

But, back to the OXO kitchen top compost bin…

This product is simply great! It is small and compact enough to sit on your kitchen counter top, yet holds a couple of meal prep organic waste. It comes in either gray or green, I prefer the gray model as it it does not show as much dirt.

The compost bin has a flip up, hinged lid which opens easily, but clips down to form a tight enough seal to keep the odours in the bin. Most other bins require an additional carbon filter to keep odours from escaping. You can conveniently, clip the lid off completely to make emptying the bin easier.

The smooth interior walls and contoured bottom prevent food and liquid buildup in the unit. This makes the compost bin easy to clean.

You need this little compost bin for your kitchen organic waste! It is affordable, virtually indestructible and well worth the money!

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