Plum Jam Recipe

Easy Homemade Plum Jam Recipe

Learning how to make jam is one way of making use of excess fruit in your fridge, before it spoils. This easy homemade plum jam recipe is just the ticket for using your excess plums. Our vegetable gardens, and fruit trees often produce abundant crops, more than we can consume in a short period.

Rather than letting the excess spoil in the refrigerator, rather find another way to use it!

Your options for this excess produce can be to sell it, ferment or pickle it to make it last longer, or in the case of fruit, make jam.

Ingredients For Homemade Plum Jam Recipe

The ingredients are very basic and you probably have them all in your kitchen already. You can replace the plums with the same quantity of another fruit like peaches or nectarines. If you replace the fruit, you may have to adjust the sugar amount, depending on the sweetness of the fruit used.

  • 1kg fruit
  • 15ml (Tablespoon) lemon juice
  • 375ml (1 and ½ cups) sugar (or to taste)
  • Small knob of butter
  • Water to cover (don’t add to much – you can add more later on)

Method For Homemade Plum Jam

The steps for making this plum jam are very easy! You do not need to be an accomplished cook to follow this method and produce your own tasty sticky treat.

Plum Jam
  • Cut fruit in half and remove the pip (stone), but leave the skin on
  • Place the fruit in a thick bottom pan and cover with water
  • Add the lemon juice
  • Bring to a boil then switch down and leave it to simmer for about 40 mins, stirring often
  • Once the pot is boiling, add the knob of butter while stirring
  • Add the sugar and stir gently until  the jam starts to thicken
  • Keep stirring until the mixture is sticky

To test your plum jam, drop a small blob onto a plate and let it cool for a minute. Stick your finger in with caution – it may still be hot! If it is a consistency you like, then you plum jam is ready. If it is not thick enough, cook it a little longer. If it is too thick, stir in a little water.

Plum Jam Recipe

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