Partnership With Bees

Boost Your Crop Yield With a Partnership With Bees

Entering into a partnership with bees is a great idea, particularly if you grow your own food! Bees have been shown to increase crop yield from 30% to sometimes as much as...
Bee Smoker

Stainless Steel Bee Smoker Review

A bee smoker is an essential piece of equipment for every beekeeper. It is used to produce smoke which is then introduced into the hive you want to work on. The smoke...
Kitchen top compost bin

OXO Kitchen Top Compost Bin Review

Using a kitchen top compost bin is an easy small step to get into green living and doing your bit for the planet! Composting your kitchen organic waste rather than sending it...
Best Beehive

Best Beehive For Beginner Beekeepers

The best beehive for beginner beekeepers is a design that is practical, easy to use, wallet friendly and portable!There are many hive designs out there, each with their pros and cons.
Tips for Tomato Growing

7 Top Tomato Growing Tips

Here are some top tips for successful tomato growing. Tomatoes are a versatile food, rich in vitamins and nutrients. These properties are enhanced even further if you grow them yourself following organic...
Beekeepers suit

4 Tips For Choosing a Beekeepers Suit

A beekeepers suit is part of the essential gear for a beekeeper, whether you are a beginner beekeeper or a seasoned veteran! Your beekeeper suit does not need to...

5 Must Have Items For Beekeeping

These 5 must have items for beekeeping are the basic gear that you need to set up a hive and maintain your colony safely, while reaping the benefits of the bees pollinating...

How To Make Plantain Salve

Plantain is a medicinal plant with many uses and making a plantain salve for external application is one of the best ways to prepare it for daily use. To...

How To Build A Worm Farm In 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy steps to build a worm farm as a DIY project. Recycle your organic kitchen waste and get fertiliser and growth boosting products for your garden!
Survival Frog Tactical Bivvy