Organic Pesticide

4 Homemade Organic Pesticide Alternatives

Don’t you find it frustrating when those pesky little creepy crawlies start devouring your vegetables that you have labored long and hard over? If you are like me and practice organic growing,...
Plant Marigolds With Vegetables

5 Reasons To Plant Marigolds With Vegetables

When you plant marigolds with vegetables, you get more than a splash of beauty in your garden. Plant them in between you vegetables in your vegetable garden and you will be surprised...
Companion Planting

Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting is a cause of much debate. Science, true to form with things it cannot explain, looks on this practice as an old wives tale. The technical term for the practice...

How To Grow Bountiful Beans

Beans are easy to grow, and once established, require little care. They are rewarding to grow since they produce an abundant harvest. About Beans Beans are...
Soil Acidity

2 DIY Methods To Test Soil Acidity

Firstly, why is understanding the soil acidity of your vegetable garden important? Knowing the soil acidity will give you the understanding of whether essential minerals and nutrients will be available for your...

How To Grow An Awesome Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are best grown in the summer months, but you can get a head start by growing your pumpkin seeds indoors a few weeks before the summer begins. Pumpkins...
Beehive Emergency

BeeHive Emergency – Be Prepared!

A beehive emergency is to be expected in the life of a beekeeper, but this one was a little different! My experience with this particular beehive emergency highlighted the importance of being...
Lodge Dutch Oven

Lodge Deep Dutch Oven Review

The cast iron dutch oven it simply unbeatable as a multipurpose camping pot! The Lodge Dutch Oven is a great product that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes. There are many varieties of...
Dutch Oven

What is a Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven is an old school cast iron cooking pot.  Modern varieties of the dutch oven are often coated in enamel to protect them from rust. Personally, I prefer the plain...
Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking – The All American Sun Oven

It is the ambition of every homesteader and off-grider to use the the free energy from the sun. Using solar cooking is one of the easiest ways to tap into this renewable...
Coffee Grounds

10 Ways To Re-use Coffee Grounds

I bet you never thought there could be uses for your old coffee grounds! The usefulness of these grounds may be surprising to you. Next time, don’t throw your used coffee grounds...
Rooting Hormone

5 Steps To Make Your Own Organic Rooting Hormone

Are you looking for a completely natural, organic rooting hormone that will increase your success rate for growing cuttings? Great news! You can make your own right at home! The only tricky...
Survival Frog Tactical Bivvy