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4 Tips For Choosing a Beekeepers Suit

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A beekeepers suit is part of the essential gear for a beekeeper, whether you are a beginner beekeeper or a seasoned veteran!

Your beekeeper suit does not need to make a fashion statement, but it does need to be effective!

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Consider the following tips when choosing a beekeepers suit to make sure you have a safe and comfortable beekeeping experience.


There are a number of styles of suits available on the market, from half suits to full suits, to veils only.
Once you become an experienced beekeeper, you can possibly choose a half suit from a comfort and ease of use point of view. My recommendation for newbies and my personal preference is the full suit for the following reasons:
• It provides maximum body coverage
• The veil is incorporated into the suit reducing possibility of bees getting in
• Your clothes under the suit offer a second layer of protection


The fit of your suit is important. Don’t buy a skin tight suit because you want to look sexy while tending your bees!
If your bee suit is too tight, it will give the bees the ability to sting through the suit material where it comes into contact with your skin
When it comes to bee suits, baggy is better!


When choosing your beekeepers suit, make sure it has the following safety features:

  • The arms and leg cuffs are elasticated
  • All zippers close completely
  • Flaps over the zippers, secured with Velcro
  • No gaps where the veil is joined to the suit


Have you ever wondered why beekeepers wear white suits? The answer is due to function, not fashion! When bees attack, they usually go for dark objects first! The suits white colour is designed to keep the bees calm and not provoke an attack.
Working in a bee suit is also hot work! Dark colours absorb heat from the sun more than lighter colours, therefore, the white colour of your suit also helps keep you cool while managing your bees!

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