Walking Barefoot

4 Reasons For Walking Barefoot

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Walking barefoot is something we don’t do often enough! The health benefits indicate we should make more of an effort to remove our shoes and socks on a more regular basis.

Kick off your shoes and relax while you read why you should walk barefoot more often!

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Walking barefoot not only improves your foot health, but few people know the benefits it can bring for overall health and wellness.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Walking Barefoot Improves Foot Strength

With your feet constantly supported by shoes, you don’t get to use all the muscles in your foot. Shoes effectively act almost like a plaster cast, thereby negating the need for your muscles to provide the support. Like with most other muscles in your body, if you don’t use them, the muscles atrophy and become slack. This can lead to all sorts of associated problems such as ankle, knee, hip and back problems.

Walking barefoot will strengthen the muscles in your feet, improving the integrity of the structure of your feet and, leading to my next point, making a difference to your balance.

Walking Barefoot Improves Balance

Walking barefoot and strengthening the muscles in your feet, makes your foot structure more stable.  This improves your overall balance, and also makes you less likely to roll an ankle when walking on uneven surfaces.

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Nerve Stimulation

Stimulating the nerves in the bottom of the feet has been known for many years to bring overall health benefits. Some of these benefits have been shown to include the following.

  • reduction of inflammation throughout the body
  • stimulation and boosting of the immune system
  • reduction in blood pressure
  • reduction of stress and tension in the body
  • stimulation of healing processes

Walking barefoot ticks all the boxes to get these benefits!


Earthing is a new trend that is going around and means walking barefoot on natural surfaces, such as grass or soil. This may sound like a weird, off the wall, New Age fad, but research is showing the benefits to be real and significant.

Our nervous system is electrical, and living in our synthetic world, our bodies build up a positive charge which can cause health issues from irregular heart rate, reduced glucose regulation and immune system problems.

The way to counteract this positive charge is to walk barefoot on a natural surface like moist soil. This is where our bodies pick up negatively charged electrons from the earth (where the term “earthing” comes from) to balance out the positive charge. Earthing needs to be a regular activity in order for it to be effective.

Walking barefoot brings a whole new meaning to living in harmony with our planet!

The earth is negatively charged, and we are healthier when we’re in direct contact with it.

Get Out There and Get Barefoot

Even without all the health benefits that we get from walking barefoot in a natural environment it is therapeutic just to get out and enjoy our natural world. That alone can be a great stress reliever. There is a reason people say there is nothing like going to the beach and feeling the sand between your toes!

The good news is it is good for you to feel the sand between your toes in any natural environment, so get out in your veggie garden and leave those shoes in the house!

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