Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge Wrap-Up

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The month of May was  self reliance challenge month, initiated by Lisa Lynne from The Self Sufficient Home Acre! A number of other homesteading bloggers and like-minded people took up the challenge and participated in the quest to become more self sufficient.

What Was The Point Of The Self Reliance Challenge?

The goals from my stand point for the challenge were as follows:

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Homesteaders Handbook - A printed book that covers all the basics for homesteaders.
The Self-Sufficient Backyard - This book is an excellent resource for self-sufficiency on 1/4 acre!
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  • Raise awareness that there is a healthier, more fulfilling way of life
  • Meet like-minded people from around the world and develop a community
  • Share self sufficient ideas
  • Challenge myself to become more self reliant

These goals, in my opinion were achieved, making the self reliance challenge a resounding success! I met people online who share my values, goals and ideals. We were able to share ideas on our various projects through the month and learn from each other. As we shared each others progress on our various social media platforms, we were able to raise awareness and hopefully encourage others to take up the self reliance challenge and make it a lifestyle!

Grow 50 plants in 4 sq. ft.

What Did I Learn?

The lessons I learned through the month of the challenge are ones that will help me further along the road to self reliance both in the short term and the long term.

  • I learned that to challenge ones self and put deadlines to tasks helps immensely towards ticking them off the list. It also helps when you are accountable to someone and have to give feedback on your progress!
  • Learning from others is a good way to fast track your success! Others who have made mistakes before you can advise on the best way to achieve your goals without the time consuming and sometimes costly mistakes!
  • For the reason mentioned above, it is great to be part of a community, but also to be able to share with people you can relate to.
  • The problems I face are pretty much the same as the ones other people half way round the world face!
  • Another lesson learned is to be flexible! If for some reason, your planned out project is delayed or didn’t work out, don’t see it as a failure. See it rather as a learning experience. Tackle the problem from another angle and persevere, or chat to someone who has done it!
  • Don’t put unrealistic deadlines to a project. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. Set milestones that will stretch you, but not put you under pressure.

Solar Components

Self Reliance Challenge Wrap-Up

I am really excited to have been a part of this challenge! My first project in the challenge was to try new methods to improve my seedling success rate and I will give feedback on that as the results become evident.

My second project was to implement a DIY gravity fed drip irrigation system. I live in a region with erratic rainfall and need to be water wise in my veggie garden as well as everywhere else on the homestead!

The last part of the month I had intended to make a solar dehydrator and implement a rainwater harvesting system from my garden shed roof. These plans were however waylaid by me catching the winter flu! May is winter time for us folks in the southern hemisphere! I was very frustrated at not being able to complete these projects as part of the challenge but I learned from my downtime too!. They are still, however, on the cards for completion. The design and costing of the rainwater collection system are almost finished and I will share my experience on that project in a future post.

I commend Lisa Lynn for the inspiration to start this challenge and for her encouragement along the way! I will definitely be a keen participant any any future challenge ideas she may be scheming!

My Fellow Participants

Take a look at the websites of my fellow participants below. They post great content and you can learn a lot from their experiences! I know I have! Even though the challenge month is over, I will continue to share with these people who I feel I have come to know on a slightly more personal level from having been part of this challenge!

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