Planning A Home Vegetable Garden

Planning a home vegetable garden requires a strategy, in order to be successful! Having a plan will also allow you to structure the garden to your location, the time you have to spend tending...
Organic Pesticide

4 Homemade Organic Pesticide Alternatives

Don’t you find it frustrating when those pesky little creepy crawlies start devouring your vegetables that you have labored long and hard over? If you are like me and practice organic growing,...
Sustainable Living

What Is Sustainable Living?

Many people have a misconception about what sustainable living is. Sustainable living does not mean you have to give up a modern lifestyle and live out in the backwoods! What it does...
Lodge Dutch Oven

Lodge Deep Dutch Oven Review

The cast iron dutch oven it simply unbeatable as a multipurpose camping pot! The Lodge Dutch Oven is a great product that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes. There are many varieties of...

How To Make Plantain Salve

Plantain is a medicinal plant with many uses and making a plantain salve for external application is one of the best ways to prepare it for daily use. To...
Beehive Emergency

BeeHive Emergency – Be Prepared!

A beehive emergency is to be expected in the life of a beekeeper, but this one was a little different! My experience with this particular beehive emergency highlighted the importance of being...

5 Must Have Items For Beekeeping

These 5 must have items for beekeeping are the basic gear that you need to set up a hive and maintain your colony safely, while reaping the benefits of the bees pollinating...
Three Sisters Planting

What Is Three Sisters Planting?

Three sisters planting is an ancient method of companion planting that was first used by Native Americans. This is a great example of companion planting and maximizes the use of space and...
Fall on the Homestead

5 Things You Should Do In The Fall On The Homestead

The seasons change and our routines on the homestead change with it. As summer winds down and we enter fall, or autumn as we call it in my part of the world, we can...
Coffee Grounds

10 Ways To Re-use Coffee Grounds

I bet you never thought there could be uses for your old coffee grounds! The usefulness of these grounds may be surprising to you. Next time, don’t throw your used coffee grounds...
Kitchen top compost bin

OXO Kitchen Top Compost Bin Review

Using a kitchen top compost bin is an easy small step to get into green living and doing your bit for the planet! Composting your kitchen organic waste rather than sending it...
Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Lighting in the off-grid lifestyle can be a challenge, particularly security lighting. The Sunforce Solar Motion Light is an ideal solution to the problem! You will find that often,...
Survival Frog Tactical Bivvy