Self Reliance

Learning to provide your basic needs for yourself and your family.

Why Use Heirloom Seeds

Why Use Heirloom Seeds?

Growing a home vegetable garden is a great idea! But what seeds should you get to maximize the value from your garden. Heirloom seeds would be the seeds I recommend. These are seeds that...
Upskill Yourself Learning Blacksmithing

Upskill Yourself Learning Blacksmithing

There are many tasks and projects to be undertaken on a homestead. One of the ways that you can save money, become more self reliant, and get projects done in your own time is...
Upskill yourself for self reliance

Upskill Yourself For Self Reliance On The Homestead

As someone who is intent on becoming as self reliant as I possibly can, I like to learn new things and new skills! Undertaking the journey to upskill yourself for self reliance on the...
Benefits of Owls

Benefits of Owls On The Homestead

Some disturbing events over the last week have prompted me to write this post on the benefits of owls on the homestead. The events that unfolded were, to my thinking, unbelievable that these mindsets...
Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge Wrap-Up

The month of May was  self reliance challenge month, initiated by Lisa Lynne from The Self Sufficient Home Acre! A number of other homesteading bloggers and like-minded people took up the challenge and participated in...
Self Reliance Health

Self Reliance Health On The Homestead

I have been laid up with the winter flu for a couple of days! As a result I have been unable to continue with my planned self reliance projects this past week. Although I...
Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge Second Project

The self-reliance challenge has been exactly that! A challenge! This past week we have had a number of delays in our projects! We have had unseasonal rain, which we are grateful for, but effectively...
Self-Sufficient Homesteading

Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency: An American Perspective

This post is written by a friend and fellow homesteader from the USA, AnnMarie. Annie gives a great perspective on homesteading and self-sufficient living from an American perspective. We are also co-participants in the...
Self Reliance Challenge Increase Seed Success

Self Reliance Challenge First Project

When I accepted the Self-Reliance Challenge for the month of May from Lisa Lynn, I chose my first goal to be to increase my seed success rate. The traditional method is to prepare the...
Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge For Month Of May

A number of homesteaders around the world have taken up the May Self Reliance Challenge. The challenge was set up by Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient Home Acre. The goals are to embark...
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