9 Reasons To Plant Marigolds With Vegetables
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9 Reasons To Plant Marigolds With Vegetables

Marigolds repel bugs.
Rabbits and moles do not like marigolds!
Marigolds attract beneficial insects to your garden.
Predatory insects are attracted too!
Marigold plants will not crowd your veggies.
Marigolds are nematode fighters.
The marigold plant is edible.
They are extremely easy to grow.
Marigolds may be an effective crop trap.

Companion Planting Guide
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Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting is a cause of much debate. Science, true to form with things it cannot explain, looks on this practice as an old wives tale. The technical term for the practice of companion planting is Allelopathy. Science can’t explain it, but this practice has been used for centuries by gardeners and the results speak…