Bee removals of problem swarms is a necessary effort in the conservation of bees. The global bee population is under threat, and their numbers are declining.

By offering this bee removal service to our community, we can help to minimise the destruction of bee colonies by unscrupulous exterminators.

MyGreenTerra offers swarm removals in the following areas.

Bee Removals Randburg

The suburb of Randburg with its great supply of urban gardens is a favourite area for bees to try and create a new home. We do bee removals in Randburg so that you can have peace of mind for the safety of you family and your pets.

Bee Removals Johannesburg Northern Suburbs

Most of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg are within our area of operations for removals. This area has many large gardens with large stands of trees, particularly bluegum trees which are a favourite of bees. When a colony swarms, they will look for a location with plenty of food to settle, making this area a prime target. We will do bee removals in Johannesburg Northern Suburbs to rescue these bees and provide them with a new, safe environment to thrive!

Bee Removals Fourways, Kya Sand

Kya Sands is basically our back yard! This is a developing area, with many stands of wild trees (including bluegums), flowering gardens, stables and semi rural and farming areas. We do bee removals in Fourways, Kya Sands and surrounds as it is close for us and makes it easier to monitor traps and collection operations.

How We Do It

Every bee removal job is different and requires ingenuity and innovation to get the bees out.

We will remove the bees with care, and home them in a new hive. They will be placed in a safe environment, where they will have plenty of food and will thrive. The saved colony will have the opportunity to grow and produce new queens and swarms to help boost the local bee population. If you have a problem swarm of bees, please fill in the form below, and we will organise a preliminary visit to establish the nature of the removal, and inform you of the costs involved.