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Learning to provide your basic needs for yourself and your family.

Upskill Yourself Learning Blacksmithing

Upskill Yourself Learning Blacksmithing

There are many tasks and projects to be undertaken on a homestead. One of the ways that you can save money, become more self reliant, and get projects done in your own time is...
Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge For Month Of May

A number of homesteaders around the world have taken up the May Self Reliance Challenge. The challenge was set up by Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient Home Acre. The goals are to embark...
How To Grow Citrus Trees

7 Tips On How To Grow Citrus Trees

Citrus fruits are among my favourite fruits! They are not only great to eat on their own, but can also add great flavours to your cooking. This guide will give you some basic tips...
Homestead Hack: Check Soil Quality

Homestead Hack: Check Your Soil Quality

In order to maximise your crop yield in your homestead vegetable garden, you should use this homestead hack: check your soil quality and least once a year. A good time to perform this test...
How To Preserve Chillies

6 Methods To Preserve Excess Chillies

Growing your own food is a great strategy for off-grid living or starting your journey to becoming self-sufficient. The problem with growing your own food is how to store the excess long...

Planning A Home Vegetable Garden

Planning a home vegetable garden requires a strategy, in order to be successful! Having a plan will also allow you to structure the garden to your location, the time you have to spend tending...
Upskill yourself for self reliance

Upskill Yourself For Self Reliance On The Homestead

As someone who is intent on becoming as self reliant as I possibly can, I like to learn new things and new skills! Undertaking the journey to upskill yourself for self reliance on the...
Fall on the Homestead

5 Things You Should Do In The Fall On The Homestead

The seasons change and our routines on the homestead change with it. As summer winds down and we enter fall, or autumn as we call it in my part of the world, we can...
5 Uses For Autumn Leaves On The Homestead

5 Uses for Autumn Leaves On The Homestead

For many, autumn leaves are just another seasonal chore! But this resource can be so much more. Try out these 5 uses for autumn leaves on the homestead, or even for your suburban garden! 5...
Growing A Home Vegetable Garden

Growing A Home Vegetable Garden

Growing a home vegetable garden is not only a rewarding hobby, but enables you to be more self-sufficient and eat healthier. Many people do not even consider growing a home vegetable garden because they...
Self Reliance Challenge

Self Reliance Challenge Wrap-Up

The month of May was  self reliance challenge month, initiated by Lisa Lynne from The Self Sufficient Home Acre! A number of other homesteading bloggers and like-minded people took up the challenge and participated in...
Why Use Heirloom Seeds

Why Use Heirloom Seeds?

Growing a home vegetable garden is a great idea! But what seeds should you get to maximize the value from your garden. Heirloom seeds would be the seeds I recommend. These are seeds that...
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