5 Reasons To Plant Marigolds With Vegetables

Plant Marigolds With Vegetables

When you plant marigolds with vegetables, you get more than a splash of beauty in your garden. Plant them in between you vegetables in your vegetable garden and you will be surprised at the other benefits they offer!

Why Plant Marigolds With Vegetables?

The following characteristics of marigolds are but a few of the benefits they bring, other than the obvious beauty they add to your veggie patch! They are the perfect companions to your vegetables!

Marigolds Repel Bugs

The first reason to plant marigolds with vegetables is to repel unwanted bugs! Research has shown that many insects locate their food by smell. The strong aroma of marigolds help to mask the smell of your veggies. This effectively disrupts the insects ability to home in on your vegetables! This is particularly true when it comes to protecting cabbage and kale from the cabbage moth that lays eggs on the cabbage leaves. The eggs hatch into cabbage worms that can decimate your crop.

Mosquitoes and gnats are also repelled by marigolds.

Repel Rodents and Rabbits

The second reason to plant marigolds with vegetables is to repel vegetable eating mammals. The scent of the marigold has been known to repel rabbits. Moles do not like the taste of marigold roots and thus avoid them. Hence, if the marigolds are in your vegetable garden, they are avoided as well.

Marigolds Attract Beneficial Insects

The marigold flowers attract bees and other pollinators into the garden. These pollinators then pollinate the marigold flowers as well as the vegetable flowers, increasing your harvest!

Marigolds Wont Crowd Your Veggies

Marigolds have fairly shallow root systems that do not spread out wide. They also do not grow very tall or bushy. Thus the do not out compete your vegetables for space in the garden and take over.

They Are Nematode Fighters

This is probably the best reason to plant marigolds with vegetables. Nematodes are tiny worm type creatures that live in the soil. They are parasitic and feed of the roots of certain plants. Tomatoes are particularly susceptible to devastation by nematodes. Hence, tomatoes love marigolds, as they keep the nematodes at bay and improve the health of the tomato plants!

French Marigolds (Tagetes patula) are the best species to plant as companions to tomatoes since they provide protection against the widest range of nematodes.

Marigolds are summer annuals that will flower until the first frost! So go and get some marigolds to bring glamour and health to your garden!

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